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Some enemies are so powerful and strategically placed that the only way one can fight them is through Wisdom. And there are times, while fighting those enemies, one is faced with a choice – a test of one's character – one moves forward by listening to the heart, all the while the brain is screaming for the alternative. Should the initial result appear a disaster, the brain says 'I told you so', but later one realises that that was exactly the right choice – the test passed with flying colours. Seven people, born in every corner of the world: each has been plagued with doubts, dreams and obsessions since childhood that don't make sense. They each had a twin who didn't share their obsession, and made their lives miserable. Ernie Magawan is one of them, and is the first to make the self-discovery. He is an alien born in a human body. Though born on earth, they are in fact, Zondon, from a planet clear across the galaxy, here on a mission that they must complete. The future of the human race, and of the galaxy depend on it. Those memories are awakened through contact with a mysterious green crystal. On 'awakening', Ernie Magawan realises that he must find and awaken the other six. The action adventure takes him on a roller-coaster ride from the archaeological site in Egypt where he found the crystal, to the streets of Bangkok, to the mountains of Afghanistan, to Jerusalem, to a nuclear silo in North Korea, and finally the Golden Triangle. On the way, he and his growing team rub shoulders with international terrorists, Neo-Nazis, migrant farm workers, and a mystic rabbi, as well as their ultimate enemy, a formidable creature, also from across the galaxy, in the guise of a powerful international financier and terrorist boss, who has been waiting for them all their lives. Armed with extrasensory powers of mind control as well as access to vast political resources, terrorist organisations and WMDs, their enemy is the hidden hand behind all diabolical conspiracies. An International Suspense Thriller Robby Charters has spent time in about half of the places mentioned in the narrative (and did research on the other half). But apart from having "been there and done it", his biography wouldn't make very interesting reading, which is just probably as well. He was born and raised in Thailand, and presently lives in Northern Ireland with his Thai/Chinese wife, Bless and their son, Abie.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2010
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001069399843
    • ISBN:  9781452317632

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