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As one of millions living on a generation ship, Jameson probably isn’t the only one to feel simultaneously oppressed and neglected. Still, he may have more reason than most to wonder if everyone isn’t out to get him. Even more than he knows, events are unfolding that will test his will and his sanity. Jameson soon finds himself tangled up in a mysterious tragedy at his university. He will be cast into a journey to uncover the truth behind a conspiracy centuries in the making, whether he likes it or not. Along the way he will encounter ragtag revolutionaries, hard-luck journalists, and competing political authorities. But there are still worse things that dwell in the many shadows of the ark, and Jameson isn’t the only one they are watching. This gritty sci-fi explores human nature and adversity in a story of casual consipiracy, cultural flux, political incompetence, and man-made monsters. Enduring, vibrant, characters find themselves caught between the death throws of the old world and the horrors of the new, struggling with the contradictions of their existance in this artificial society hurlting through the deepest reaches of space.

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