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Imagine an existence in which you have visions of the actual future, one in which you absolutely know what your friends and lovers are thinking and will be doing in the coming days, weeks, and months; in this existence you can witness both the tragic and the beneficial events that you positively will confront. Imagine that! Now, imagine that you cannot change these future events, even the horrible and tragic ones, that the visions you are having of these events are immutable pieces of future history, locked in time, and even though you can see them coming, there is nothing that can be done to alter them. This is a saga which chronicles such a life, where the possessor of this incredible psychic talent must learn how to deal with the stresses and dangers the ability provides, as well as struggle to find ways to protect himself, and the friends and family close to him, all the while unscrupulous people who discover his talent plot to use him, threatening his life and that of everyone he knows for their own selfish purposes. It becomes an adventure which spans the globe as the main character attempts to utilize his talent to better the world, while corrupt forces try to use him to destroy it.

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