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Colonel John Fitzpatrick just retired from the Federation Army and decided not to return to home planet Earth. Instead, he decided he wanted to find a new planet where he could relax and retreat from the turmoil of his former life. He bid his closest friends farewell and boarded a ship headed for the Echo sector. While onboard, the ship he shared a room with a Trayzanthen Sergeant, also headed in his direction. He found that the young Sergeant was having problems breathing the oxygen enriched atmosphere onboard the ship and was using an inhaler to help him breath. Knowing that the use of such inhalers met the end of the Sergeants career, Colonel Fitzpatrick showed him a way to help by exercising. During the passage to Transfer Station 261, they became friends. He did not know how this chance meeting with young Trayzanthen Sergeant and what would transpire at Transfer Station 261 would change his retirement plans.

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