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RETITLED AND UPDATED. Originally released in 2011 under the title 'Heather Skye Wilson Is The Psychic Warrior' . In a world gone mad, seemingly, hurtling towards its own inevitable doom - I'm not describing some futuristic science fiction nightmare but, from our point of view, the here and now - it seemed we had little choice but to accept our fate; 'God's will' some were saying. There was an existential alternative to man's downwardly spiraling destiny: one in which we needed to take control; however, that meant taking responsibility, complete responsibility; enter 'World Unity'. A little later in this century, after global warming had resulted in radical weather patterns, rising sea levels, changing land masses; where depletion of the ozone layer, a limited nuclear war, and the life force of the Earth itself hitting back had all contributed to the shifting of the Earth's axis. In this world, where the main three, separate ideals of 'the one God' - Islam, Christianity and Judaism - had almost entirely wiped each other out; taking control involved altering or rearranging mankind's basic belief structures about the nature of reality: accepting that we, individually and collectively, create and are responsible for our own reality. This is a world where equality is not just an ideal, or a pipe dream; it is a world where mankind begins to recognise that objective reality is an outcome and the direct result of the way we deal with subjective, inner realities. In this world, reincarnation is not a loosely hinted at, largely laughed at concept, but is an accepted, complex, intricate part of mankind's spiritual development. There is also a serious attempt made to understand the 'Ego', its distortions - particularly in the male of the species - and its real purpose. During this period of the opening of man’s psyche, physical and psychic discoveries leave us in no doubt that we have been around, and in advanced civilisations, for many millions of years. 2087: Seen through the eyes of Heather Skye Wilson, our protagonist, daughter of two of the worlds leading diplomats for 'World Unity', the story begins with her abduction by terrorists when she is twelve years old. The traumatic experience brings Heather into her ‘Control Point’, a phase of psychic development that helps to save her life. Destined by her abilities, genetic heritage and inclinations Heather is drawn more and more into the 'World Unity' cause. With the rebirth of the one God religions, a Messiah is born, and there is a very real danger that the planet will plunge, once more, into religious turmoil. A lot of the action is centred around a newly settled land; a land that, until recent times, had been covered in massive ice fields since before Atlantis' final rise and fall: Antarctica. ‘Heather Skye Wilson Is the Psychic Warrior’ is a fast paced multidimensional, speculative, action thriller; and two survival stories rolled into one: Heather's and planet Earth's. Both are inexorably linked; they both survive or nobody does.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2011
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2020102933936
    • ISBN:  9781466119406

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