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TROUBLED HISTORY is a political murder mystery and international intrigue set in Washington D.C. in 2075. Charles Marshall, a wounded and world-weary man is the prime suspect in the murder of a U.S. Senator and Presidential hopeful (and one time husband to Marshall's ex-wife). The action is set in a future culture dominated by trends forming today - the elimination of most human work, the disappearance of privacy, the lure of a virtual life, and the challenge to western power. Marshall is helped by an old friend fleeing persecution a world away who draws him into a murky and dangerous international conspiracy. Unwinding cryptic clues, he discovers links between the murder and the conspiracy, which put his life in danger. In a world where there is no line between genuine and virtual reality, Marshall must separate lies from truth. In the end, he follows his heart, and battles to win a real political game to prevent worldwide disaster.

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