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UK Rap Artist, Shizzio, follows up the hit collection, Twisted Saga's: Dark Edition, with another captivating compendium of stories. This time delving into the world of sci-fi for an exploration that will spin your mind. Professor Sorsman is chasing a solution in The Prediction, to a problem that haunts his every waking moment. Will he be able to figure out the answer before it's too late? The Gathering sees the shocking arrival of The Wisps; alien lifeforms who don't seem to be much interested in us homo-sapiens. Until, that is, one day they tease us with a message. They want Aaron Reddy, a loner from Cambridgeshire, to represent all humans on the planet. Do you feel optimistic about our chances? Shizzio and co-author, Anish Chhana, expect you to keep your wits about you when delving into these tales. What appears to be simple, is often anything but. Get ready to be sent on eye-opening adventures in scenarios that feel close to home, in this treasure chest of gripping, witty and comedic tales.

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