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The soon to be released surrealism book called ULTRA MURDER deals with the CIA program called MK Ultra where the Company tried to create a truth serum using LSD as the main chemical component. In 1973 the director of the CIA, Richard Helms, ordered the files from MK Ultra to be destroyed. My book picks up from that point and mixes pharmacology and politics to create a world where young James gets involved in a test program to find a new mental illness drug and, only too late, finds out it is an Extra Sensory Perception drug that is hoped will give great advantage to spies in the shadowy world of espionage. James tries the drug and garners a dynamic and potent response. The rest is cops and robbers as James tries to get this new tool to the people most helpful to the cause of freedom and fairness. This great drug happening that so helps out James is what others have been waiting centuries to happen. Two stealth operatives have been calling out over the sands of time to bring humanity to a crucial tipping point and the friends of James find themselves petitioned to join a greater collective of like minded individuals. When viewed from the perspective of mirth it is Psychedelia at Area 51 flying UFOs to Columbia. The real heavy questions of existential purpose in life get discussed in a general and relaxed fashion. Humor is involved. A dark humor is there. Enjoy if at all possible.

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