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No one knows how long ago the Visitation occurred, but the catastrophic event left mankind with little more than memories and ruins. The Circuit insulated a ring of communities from the descendants of society's dregs -looters, slavers, robbers, murderers- and promised a revival of civilization for the citizens who called it home. Hinge sat at its heart, a thriving capitol of trade and industry, and even spirituality, as the home of the Hosts of the Visitation and their patron, Umbra. But something feels very wrong, as maverick Vera Lynde senses on her return from the latest bride train run. Someone murders her good friend, the amiable Brother Adams of the Hosts, and steals a relic priceless to their order. The task falls to relative outsider Vera to take up the role of detective, along with some old and new allies, in order to break through the facades of the small city's denizens, to investigate the shadows and uproot scandals and plots reaching further than Circuit, maybe all the way to the Margin. Risking her home, her livelihood, and even her life, Vera seeks to bring back the relic -and justice-to the people of Hinge. Novel

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