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Technology is in a constant state of flux, and religion is being called into question. Agent Jack Connors, a silent believer, and his atheist partner, Kate Matthews, find themselves undertaking a mission that will change the course of their lives forever. While pursuing an illegal arms dealer, they are forced to hire soldiers from an enigmatic military research and development company known as Network. But the soldiers there are more than they ever expected. The Network soldiers are devoid of personality, feeling, and choiceperfectly obedient. Once the soldiers have been assigned to kill, nothing can stop them. All this coincides with the rise of religious restrictions promoted by the peoples servant, Senator Randolf Blakard, a man who holds the loyalty and love of the people in the palm of his hand. But just like the Network soldiers, there is more to him than meets the eye. Jack finds himself struggling between his duty and his beliefs, as secrets about Network and their soldiers culminate into a conspiracy over twenty years in the making. Will Jacks faith help him survive the black fires of persecution and show Kate the power of truth? Or will she end up like the restjust another empty soul?

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