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    Told with a campfire flair Unholy Whispers is an old fashion ghost story possessing elements of the macabre, sadness, erotica and terror. Born in a seaside brothel, Leah's birth is an event worthy of damnation. Being raised in and by the home, she bears unending witness to mankind at its most primordial level of drunken savagery and insatiable lust. Her short life translates into a long nightmare, twelve years in duration. Then, on a stormy night, Leah is brutally murdered, along with every single harlot in the bordello at the hands of frenzied seamen. Leah, however, refuses to go quietly into the abyss of the netherworld. She instead chooses to wait, centuries if she must, for sailors to return. And they do. It's now 2004 and the S.S. Duff, a modern merchant vessel, finds itself laid up at port with mechanical problems. Its crew, having been long at sea and in desperate need of some "downtime," decide to search for shelter inland. They have forty-eight hours of unscheduled leave, a case of booze, and money to spend. They're going to make the best of it. So is Leah!

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