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The 7th Race had worked in secret with the 1st Race for many years.  The 1st Race had hatched a plot to take over the Union prior to their 1st secret meeting with the leaders of the 7th Race.  The 1st Race plan was simple – convince the galaxy they (the 1st Race) had transcended the flesh.  They would then use the time travel system created by the 7th Race to travel far enough into the past so that once Adapa rid the galaxy of the Forerunners they would come out of hiding and take charge.   One of the problems was the 7th Race time travel system depended on the galactic navigation system that did not exist prior to the early days of the Union.  Thus the 7th Race had to build a receiver in the past.  The unsurmountable problem was that volunteers had to be sent back without any hope of return and there was no way to know how far back they would go.  Too far back in time and the stars in the galaxy would be too young to support life – not far enough back and Adapa would destroy them. If the volunteers built the receiver – the system would have to be tested on a large group of living subjects in ships without drawing attention to the operation.  This required another group of volunteers who may not survive the test. The 1st and 7th Races had been working to carry out the 1st Race plan behind the scenes for over 4 and half billion years.  They were very close to starting their final test when the remaining Sisters of the Union Navy begin to thwart their every move.  The 1st and 7th Race survivors decide it is time to cut their loses.  Just as they are about to leave they stopped by the main body of the biological ships that kill entire galaxies. An unknown superior force arrives just in time to destroy the galaxy killing fleet.  They call themselves the Cultivators.  They pretend to be allies of the 7 Sisters seeking mutual aid agreements with the new Union. Their plan is thwarted by the Leader of the 6th Race. The Leader of the 6th Race reveals herself to her daughters – the 7 Sisters. The 7 Sisters learn about the scope of the treachery and deceit of the 1st Race. The new Union Navy Counselors are of the 6th Race and they uncover the First Race Secret Police plot to use the original 1st Race Counselors to the 7 Sisters to block and slow their evolution. The new 6th Race Counselors uncover inconsistencies in the 1st Race Counselor logs that lead the 7 Sisters to an amazing discovery. The new Baby Sisters become young 6th Race women as they continue to grow and evolve. They will soon have Sisters of their own…  

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Brazil
    • Código de Barras:  2001118067075
    • ISBN:  1230001965681

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