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"There were lots of twists and surprises along the way; some were really shocking but they felt right. ... The development of the characters and the story was just amazing."-- Reviewed by Lorena Sanqui for Readers Favorite, 5 StarsWelcome to the first Surveillance Peace StateIn utopia nothing is unknown. The Cloud sees, records and shares everything. Apps can tell you anything about anyone from anywhere. No secret can be kept, no wrong can be done...except by a Ghost. Invisible to the Cloud and overlooked by humanity, these shadow people lead hidden lives off the grid. Unrestricted by the Cloud, a Ghost is capable of anything, even destruction.But with their freedom comes the curse of isolation. Trapped on societys fringe, their exclusion from the Cloud also allows others to act against them in secret. A group of Cloud Users, the life of each touched by a Ghost, is following the trail of disjointed memories and faulty recordings. They threaten the fragile existence of the Ghosts, but among the Ghosts lurks the threat of violence and evil, so now these two worlds will clash.For the Ghosts, it is another round in their fight for survival. For the Users, all they know is now in doubt. To find the truth they will have to see past the Cloud, but what they find there will challenge everything they took for fact about the Cloud, about the Ghosts, and about themselves.Verifiablea 95,000 word Science-Fiction novelby Ayami Tyndall

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