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    Earth humans are brought to populate the planet Vul by an advanced civilization. Heterosexual relationships are described. Vuelan males (Vuelos) dominate, subject to the the vuelan female (Vuelas). A special class of vuela, the Vuelessa, is developed to influence the 'Vuel' (vuelan life). Three friends describe how they are gathered and taken to Vul. One was prepared from childhood to go to Vul. The other two are clueless. They're introduced into the Vuel as captured animals. The women (vuelas)are trained as vuelessas to use seductive beauty to influence the Vuel. Sexual response helps them develop telepathic skills. A vuelessa learns to control vuelen (males) during amorig (coitus) and uses this ability to her advantage. The guy that was with them has only his wits to guide him. He finds the good and bad, the horrible and fantastic as he stumbles through a world that has it's good points! Vuel is beguiling. Vuelan sex is plentiful... and the Vinho (wine) is wonderful.

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