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It is an adventure absolutely unlike anything you have ever read, inconceivable! It is the story behind the history of the Second War, of extraterrestrial intervention in human history, of unthinkable technologies, and of astonishing revelations even of transcendental facts. Antir, an alien scientist from a spacecraft stationed beneath the Orion belt, a descendant of the people with the best technologies among all peoples in the universe, inhabits the Earth for almost 300 years on a research base in one of the cones in front of Massachusetts 5,000 meters deep. The people of Antir travel in time forward and backward constantly, not to change the history of the Earth, but to change a single event that will culminate in the extinction of humanity. Antir then works in the midst of the Second World War scene, amid dangerous men and Nazi interests of destroying England. And between the "Battle of France" and the "D-Day", she instigates Hitler to build what would be the glory of Nazism, but which in fact would be purposely used almost 70 years later to perpetuate the human race, the gigantic, powerful and indestructible WAR PLACE HILL. And for this she lets herself be captured, she is arrested and threatened, but her tormentors do not know that the real kidnapped are themselves. And traveling in time she interferes in the lives of some important people to realize their plans and in the history of the United States of North America, in a time span of 11,420 BC to 2019 AD. Atlantis, USA, France, Germany, Ghana, New Zealand, Brazil and Iraq are the targets of their interference. No meio deste drama você pode seguir a história através de mapas e conhecer muitas tecnologias ainda não utilizadas na Terra, bem como saber detalhes sobre os abrigos e estradas extraterrestres na Terra com fotos e verificá-los no Google Earts. War Place Hill - A war machine so gigantic that perhaps mankind never had the technology to make it, a hill-sized war tank that moves faster than any supersonic plane, sails in the sea and also submerged driven By very powerful engines that we have never done, possessing weapons we never imagined, made of a league we will never understand; But the book reveals the scheme of building and working everything for you; Including the mechanical magnetic system to override the weight of a craft used by UFOs. This monster was discovered by Taylor, a retired North American geologist and an animated team of eight Ghanaians. To build it, Antir used the force of Hitler's ambition, and for to bring it from where was to the right place, to the shelter that would perpetuate the human race, was part of his plans to train Anne, the secretary of the defense's granddaughter since her birth to open the inner passages of the tank with musical notes and use the strength of a Marines team. A third world war is already planned, but it will not happen, General Zian is coming and will follow the protocol delegated to him by the Universal Control Board. The mighty ones of this world who control all the finances of all countries, as well as all corporations, are the hybrid of Rigel's extraterrestrials, and they despair, for, just before they take possession of the Earth, already know of their extinctions. And the few humans saved by it will be reeducated and rebuilt by wise descendants of the giant Poseidon. All the bases of knowledge, technologies and philosophy of life of the new humanity will be totally different.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001120805870
    • ISBN:  9788592054717

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