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Gracen Ellison had settled into a very comfortable, and on the surface, routine as a doctor with the American Federations Elite Medical Corps. But the top brass were unaware that routine consisted of illicitly lusting after one the Navy’s top Special Forces operative.Master Chief Jackson Monroe lost more than just his leg in an assignment gone to hell; he lost the privilege to lead his team. After a year of grueling rehab, hes proven that even with his prosthetic, he’s still able to lead his men on the field. Unfortunately, the Navy doesn’t see it that way. Instead of settling for sitting behind a desk, Jackson plans to opt out of the Navy. On the night of his retirement, however, he’s pulled back in for one last mission: protecting Gracen as they head into a warzone.Soon they find themselves with their helicopter on the ground and facing an existence that leaves Gracen and Jackson more than human as they’re thrown against an enemy they had little idea even existed.

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