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When space ship Aurora was ready for its maiden voyage, the best crew available were put together by the Administration. It worked out excellent, until a young female staff member mixed up two names. She was supposed to put the presidents son Harold Potter, a mathematical genius, as Commander. Instead she entered only H. Potter and the computer picked out a H. Potter. The computer sent the telegram to Henry Potter, another young man deeply interested in anything concerning Space. When he got the telegram he of course realized that it was a mistake. But our Henry Potter accepted the title of Commander and went up to the space station. The mistake wasnt noticed before Aurora had past Mars orbit and was closing in on Jupiters orbit. It took some time before the bridge crew, under Donald, the second in command, understood that the wrong person was set as Commander. A lot can happen during a space flight, and with Henry Potters street smarts a few dangerous situations were taken care of in a satisfactory manner. A rouge space craft called on Aurora, and said that they would have to come on-board to check their cargo. Henry Potter took care of the situation by returning to normal space speed, and hiding Aurora behind some asteroids. Aurora then found a planet fairly close to Earth, within the Goldy lock zone, that our astronomers should have found long ago. Contacting this planet, they were told, "Welcome earthlings, took you some time getting here didnt it?" With all the new inventions these people gave us, it all worked out well for everyone, except for the young lady that had mixed up the H. Potters names in the computer, she was looking for a new job in the private sector.

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