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Fourteen-year-old Jackson Elderberry Monroe is an indigo with unusual abilities. Due to acceleration codes imbedded in his DNA, he is picked by a group of Guardian extraterrestrials to help protect the planet Earth from sinister alien technology deliberately designed to pull Earth into a black hole in the center of the galaxy. The Guardian extraterrestrials choose TeTe, a strangely weird but wise representative from the sixth dimension to prepare and train the young indigo for what portends to be a very dangerous time travel mission and to open his mind to the true history of the planet, which has been safely kept on selenite crystals until now. Intrigued by an adventure that includes taking hyperspace leaps while transcending time, making new alien friends, and indulging in off planet retrieval missions and recreational opportunities, Jackson decides to give the training program a try. Now only time will tell if Jackson and the Guardian team will be successful in altering the timeline of Earths fall. Why Me? is the continuing science fiction tale of a gifted teenagers journey through hyperspace, with the help of an alien mentor, in an effort to save Earth from a horrifying fate.

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