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They called themselves the Creators, and had been traveling through space for over a thousand years. They had known that their planet would be destroyed when their sun died and as it increased in volume, it burnt their planet and made it impossible for any life form to live there. Several generations before, the inhabitant, the Creators had build themselves a globe, 200 miles in diameter, and with over hundred thousand floors. The floors closest to the globes center were 160.000 sq. feet each, and the globe supported their entire population. During their journey through the ever lasting space, they had met other space crafts, in the same situation as they were themselves. These other crafts had also been looking for a younger star with planets that could support life. The Creators had arrived to a young star with several rocky planets. As the Creators was in need of more metal and ores, they went to the fourth planet in the system. They on this planet found all the ore they needed, but before they went out in to the everlasting space again, they decided to have a look at the third planet, that was coming out from behind the star. When the Creators with their scanners looked at this third planet, the planet was full of life, building streets everything. The leading Doctor Pallor immediately called the president to let him know that we have at last found the planet we have been searching for, for such a long time. The Creators sat their globe above this planet, and contacted the inhabitants. Here the interesting part started.

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