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Every Wizard Academy is a little different. But Potent Conch School takes the prize for unusual location: it’s situated high on a cliffside fortress in Scotland; with towers, walls, and façade carved into the face of the cliff. The school is guarded by enchanted springs and streams, sea mage enchantments, and a monster or two. The only way to get there is by Pegasus, Unicorn, or Rainbow Bridge. Potent Conch was founded by an old Scottish sailor who traveled the world in his youth and brought back various esoteric magick ideas from remote parts of the world. Accordingly, his ideas of the Laws of Magick are a bit different from those of the standard British or European wizard schools. Numerology features in his world view of magick, as does the power of conch shells from Hawaii, the Golden Ratio, and strange and exotic artifacts. Follow the adventures of Ben Springfate and Rosemary Dochas Grey, student wizards who turn out to be NOT what they seem.

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