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Beside the wrath of Angels, even stars burn cold “The Angels didn’t come to negotiate. They came to subdue. They came to prove there was no order except their order.” ~~~~   After millennia in cryogenic sleep, the Angels have awakened.   David returns to the Sentinels to find them enmeshed in a war with the Asheran Confederacy--a war spanning galaxies and costing millions of lives. He blames the heretic Asherans for the death of his mother and he’ll do anything to stop their advance.   But the long silence of the Angels is about to end. They aim to remind mankind of the order they once imposed on it, and they’re willing to kill billions to do so. To save humanity, David may have to set aside his hatred … because if mankind cannot band together, they will fall before the wrath of Angels.   ~~~~   The Sins of Angels series blends space opera, cyberpunk, epic fantasy, and galactic empires into an adventure unlike any other. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind distant future epic!

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