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In the 2030's, after the planet has enjoyed several years of relative peace, the world's leaders come together to create a new system of globalized unity, supposedly with the intent to ensure peace and prosperity for generations to come. The plan, dubbed "The New World Order," is widely accepted by the public at large which yearns for a society free of war, crime and poverty. Meanwhile, grim and battle-hardened New York City police detective John Murphy is less optimistic than most in his thoughts regarding the The New World Order and his suspicions are validated when he stumbles upon an underground network of cyber hackers who educate him not only on the ulterior motives of the The New World Order, but also exposes him to the existence of the above top secret shadow society which, in reality, is at the controls. As the situation becomes more and more desperate and developing world events elude to devastation yet to happen, Detective Murphy grapples with his own inner turmoil and uncertainties while he struggles to decide on his own alliance.

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