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The world of modern genetics has since its inception, been one of controversies, scandals and cover-ups. Each such episode has bettered the other and is done with a finesse that appears clearly criminal in intent. The Zika virus is one of the best examples of this and hides a very different agenda. On February 1st 2016, the WHO declared the Zika virus epidemic a global public health emergency. What caused this urgency? Why Zika?The Zika virus was discovered in the year 1947 when it was isolated from monkeys from the Zika forest in Uganda in a laboratory. The first human case being detected in the year 1954 was found to cause a very mild form of disease involving low fever, sore body, headaches, and a mild rash in very few people. The rest did not show any symptoms at all. The symptoms were resolved in a few days. Prior to 2007 only 14 cases were recorded. So what changed in 2015? Experts cautioned that the virus was spreading fast and soon cases were reported from the USA, spread through sex, enforced the official narrative on the "ferocious spread" of the virus. The world was reminded by the ‘experts’ that the virus was only a plane ride away. It is not true. The virus is already amongst us, well-established!

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