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A great read and a great gift for the Sci-Fi Buff! With the passage to manhood, as Young Fredrick Whitetrus discovers, comes clan responsibly. As he volunteers and escorts Aderyn Greeneo, of the Leo Clan, and who must complete her Ladyship Journey, the ritual for young lades of Torgart, comes hidden perils. Sir Alfred Whitetrus of the Warrior Class and leader of The Taurus Major Clan, Fredrick’s father, faces rumors of warfare. A wrong move against one of the other eleven clans can lead to civil war and bloodletting. The Merchant Class made up of The Cancer, Leo, and Virgo Clans is monetarily and politically strong. Could they be seeking military expansionism or is it The Agrarian Class with The Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius Clans, they are keepers of the land but also business enterprising and politically ambitious? And what about the Ambassador Class consisting of The Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces Clans and their desire to create peace and economic equilibrium through their philosophy of government by words and by the consent-based decisions of individuals and organizations? Find out about the assassination , the duels, and how Sir Alfred Whitetrus, a Torgart warrior and major general with historic victories, acts for Torgart, his clan, and his family.

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