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Forced to Surrender- Katrina’s double life is about to catch up with her. By day she reports the naughty gossip for a cheesy tabloid, exposing the dark secrets of the wealthy. By night her focus turns to robbing the very people she has featured in her articles. As of yet, no one has a clue who the thief is, but all that is about to change. When a wealthy bachelor known for being ruthless and sexually sadistic returns home early from a huge event she is caught in the act. Jameson is not one to call the police; he has other ideas for her. Will anyone even notice a nosy reporter has gone missing? This spicy tale of BDSM includes harsh bondage, a sever spanking, and one wealthy man who turns a thief into a wanton sex slave to be used for his pleasure, and is intended for mature audiences only! Henry’s Bondage Whore- Anna loves hard bondage, and craves a night of rough sex as a slave to Henry. She pushes him father than ever before in an attempt to make him mad enough to satisfy her craving, but can she handle what Henry is about to dish out? This smoking hot short story is 4700 words of intense bondage, and includes M/F domination, extreme bondage, whips, and one woman’s astonishing revelation of how the worlds of pain and pleasure mix. Spanked For Speeding- Teresa is a city girl lost on a backwoods road. In her panic to get home her car careens through a tiny town and right past the sheriff's patrol car. She is given a choice, time in the small town jail, or corporal punishment at the hands of the town sheriff. The question is does she chose wisely? A Short Story of 4700 words containing light bondage, spanking and sex in bondage (M/f), and is intended for mature audiences only Race Day- Billionaire’s Challenge- Tammy is a tough street racer with a difficult internal conflict. Her biggest rival is Brock, a billionaire thrill seeker whom she secretly has fallen in love with after a night of passion. Brock poses a challenge in an attempt to win her over. The winner of the season championship also wins a weekend of sexual servitude from the loser. The stakes are high for Tammy, as she is torn between her secret love for Brock and being the champion race car driver her late father had dreamed of. Will she surrender to her true feelings of love for Brock? Warning this 6400 word short story for adults only is chocked full of high speed racing, bondage, total domination, humiliation, orgasm denial, breeding, and a battle of wills both on and off the track  

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