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This 4-pack bundle contains taboo erotic stories about babysitters. Sometimes, a little flirting mixed with a little fantasizing leads to something much hotter than anyone involved could have imagined. Titles included are: "Breeding the Babysitter," Rough Sex with the Babysitter," "The Babysitter, My Wife, and Me," and "The Werewolf's Babysitter." Warning: this sexy bundle contains over 14000 words of explicit adult-only situations. Breeding the Babysitter Victoria likes to babysit for some extra cash between college semesters. She especially likes babysitting for Ethan Henderson. She thinks he's pretty handsome, for an older man. Then Ethan catches Victoria having her boyfriend over while she is babysitting. From the look on his face, Victoria knows she's in big trouble. After kicking her boyfriend out, Ethan tells her that there's only one way she'll be able to keep babysitting for him. Warning: this 3432 word story contains sex between an older man and a younger woman, oral, and breeding sex. For mature readers only. Rough Sex with the Babysitter Adam just wants some adventure back in his life. That's why he fantasizes about his babysitter, Willow. She always flirts with him, and she always wears such sexy clothes. So Adam, driven by desire, pretends to forget his wallet back at home so that he can be alone with Willow. When he finds her in nothing but her underwear in his front hallway, he knows she's been having the same fantasies. He just wants to know if hers have been as rough as his. Warning: this 3715 word erotic story contains rough sex between an older man and a younger woman, oral sex, bdsm, and domination. For mature readers only. The Babysitter, My Wife, and Me Ryan is shocked that his wife, Penelope, lets Molly be their babysitter. Molly is hot in a way that makes Ryan's mouth go dry, so he's okay with Molly working for them. But when they come home early from a cancelled party to find Molly masturbating on their couch, Ryan thinks this will be the last straw. Penelope apparently sees things differently. She tells Molly to get down on her knees in front of Ryan if she wants to keep her job. Warning: this 3500 word erotic short story contains explicit group sex between a married couple and their babysitter, light domination, and oral sex. For mature readers only. The Werewolf's Babysitter Cora enjoys babysitting, especially for older men. All she has to do is show a little skin, and she gets a nice, big tip. So when her agency tells her Leo is in desperate need of a sitter that night, she jumps at the chance. But Leo has a secret. When Cora forgets to lock the door, Leo gets back inside as he begins his transformation from man to werewolf. Leo thinks he can control, or even reverse the process, if Cora gives him something else, some other sensations to concentrate on. If Cora wants to live, and keep her job, she knows what she has to do to keep Leo human. The question is, will her body be enough? Warning: this 3685 word erotic short story contains explicit sex between an older man and a younger woman, oral sex, and shapeshifter werewolf sex. For mature readers only.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2012
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001073039087
    • ISBN:  1230000014541
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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