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In this erotic comedy of errors—with male/male and male/female romance—three stories intersect. The main story concerns Paul Rumsfeld, a fifty-plus year-old lawyer who’s managed to reach sobriety after many years of struggling with his alcoholism. One night, while leaving a bar in Over-the-Rhine, he stumbles across—quite literally—a beggar on the street. Only the beggar turns out to be Matthew Bergen, a young man whom Paul has agreed to sponsor.Talk about a strange coincidence, and Paul wrestles with his conscience. He’d been planning on a nice, relaxing weekend camping, alone, at Gowan Lake State Park. Does he really want to burden himself with this young man?He does.Meanwhile, also in downtown Over-the-Rhine, Gabrielle Richards has decided that she and her boyfriend, Colm Nelson, need to flee from their financial worries and go camping over the weekend. The rent is past due, and Gabby always likes the restful contentment of Gowan Lake State Park to help her figure out what she wants to do next.They pack up and head out.Police Officer Mike Blankenship wonders what’s wrong with his wife, Amanda. Empty nesters, he’s looking forward to the post child-rearing years as a chance to connect intimately, and while Amanda goes through the motions, Mike can tell his wife’s mind is elsewhere.When Matthew awakens from his drunken stupor at the campsite and realizes where he is, he stupidly accuses Paul of trying to seduce him. Paul denies it, and to prove it, gives the young man some money and gives him directions to the nearest bus station. After Matthew leaves, Paul grieves.Matthew walks toward Wilmington, and along the way, he hitches a ride with a pair of brothers who make the raping-killing brothers from the film Deliverance look like kindergarten teachers. As the Westerfeld boys decide which one of them is going to rut ‘the little feller’, Daryl drives into the path of a truck and causes an accident. During the melee, Matthew bids a hasty retreat and runs back to the campground.He’s so relieved to see Paul again, he takes Paul into the tent and gives him oral sex.Officer Mike Blankenship is called to the accident scene, and finally figures out what the Westerfeld boys are carrying on about; according to them, they picked up a ‘little feller’ who offered to give them mind-blowing oral sex and, as it turns out, the ‘little feller’ is to blame for the accident.Mike seriously doubts their story, but because the ‘little feller’ is a witness, he decides to track him down. He heads to Gowan Lake State Park.Mike cruises through the campsites, but sees nothing untoward, and certainly no ‘little fellers’, so he drops by the campground store to buy some water and do some gentle flirting with Millie Walls, the lady who runs the store.Paul and Matthew are leaving the store as Mike pulls up in his cruiser, and Matthew conceals his face by carrying a large bag of ice on his shoulder.Mike flirts gently with Millie, but on his way out of the store, he decides to check out the inhabitant at campsite 16, as Millie has given him Paul’s name.Matthew drags Paul off into the woods because he senses the police officer is going to follow up, and he’s right.As the police officer surveys Paul’s campsite, Matthew distracts Paul by giving him a blow job in the woods.Mike sees that the campsite is abandoned. He is about to go check out the woods when he gets a call from dispatch. A theft from the local Wal-Mart. Mike heads off to investigate.We see Gabby exulting to herself. She’s just figured out a way to earn some much needed money; she photographs Paul and Matthew during the sex session and announces to Colm that she’s going to blackmail them.Colm is not happy to hear this.And then things start to get really complicated.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001072340870
    • ISBN:  9781310498244
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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