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A year and a half ago, Cay’s husband cheated on her. A year and a half ago, Cay closed her heart and her body to the man she’d thought she’d love forever. But, sometimes forever doesn’t last as long as one might expect.Since that faithless day, Cay has made it her life’s mission to taunt her husband with what he can no longer have.Enter Garrett….Garrett’s a no nonsense counselor specializing in couples who share a domestic discipline relationship. At her husband’s insistence and with the price of her marriage on the line, Cay is challenged to submit her will and her body to a man she has never met before, a man with the physique of a lumberjack.Garrett will make Cay submit.He will make her cry.He will make her body ache and arch in pleasure.But above all, he will make her choose.WANT A SEQUEL? adaoflaherty@gmail.com6,604 WordsWARNING: This story contains graphic sexual situations and is intended for audiences 18+ years of age.

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