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Shay quickly undressed and took a shower, washing off the scum of the day and allowing it to seep down the drain. It was a standard ritual to cleanse herself of the grime of interacting with criminals and drug dealers. She didn’t take long to finish and dressed quickly. When she entered the living room she found Sully leafing through a magazine with a glass of dark amber liquid clutched in his hand. On the coffee table was another drink waiting for her. “Your turn,” she announced as soon as she entered the room. “Yeah, I’d better take it easy with the drinks,” he laughed. “This is my second one and I’m beginning to feel loose.” To Shay, it wasn’t such a bad thought. Isn’t that how I want him? Loose and ready? She closed her mind to the thought and picked up her drink taking a long swallow. No wonder the drinks were affecting Sully, if he had made his as strong as hers. She watched him unwind his muscled frame and head down the hallway in the same direction she’d taken a few minutes earlier. Shay walked across the room and turned on a lamp before flicking off the overhead light. The sparse light the lamp provided gave the room a romantic atmosphere. That was what she’d been aiming for in making sure there was only one light glowing to guide them around the room. She finished her drink and felt a little of the effect of the strong concoction Sully had mixed for her. When she heard a noise in the hallway, she glanced up and tried to hide the look of surprise filling her green eyes. Her mouth watered at the sight and she was sure she licked her lips. Sully slowly walked nakedly into the room. He was everything Shay had imagined as she’d undressed him in her mind every day since they’d been a team. Nothing about him disappointed her as her eyes drank in the hunk standing across the room waiting for her reaction. “I hope you don’t mind; I decided to leave my clothes in the bathroom,” he said seductively, his voice sending shivers racing down Shay’s spine. If he only knew this was what she had been waiting for and now the time had come. She could only shake her head; she didn’t mind at all, and watched as if in slow motion Sully make his way to her. Not another word was spoken as he sat near Shay and gathered her into his arms. When his lips covered hers, she opened her mouth receiving his dancing tongue as it explored and investigated the new territory. Shay surrendered fully to his drugging kiss never wanting it to end. When she felt Sully’s fingers unbuttoning her blouse, she felt ready to burst with the aching desire filling her. She hadn’t bothered putting on a bra and Sully didn’t have a problem reaching his intended goal. His mouth swept down and his lips captured her peaked nipple, gently nibbling the pink hardened nub. After a time, he moved to the other one setting her on fire.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001033785900
    • ISBN:  9781311871800
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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