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Clara and her friends didn’t mean to spy on Paula and Thomas having sex…but being voyeurs that night changed their whole lives. They made a sacred pact to each lose their virginity while they were babysitting, and fantasized all night about how their ‘first time’ would be.Josh was mad when his girlfriend stood him up…until he came home early and overheard Clara telling her best friend how much she wanted to have sex. What was a horny young man to do but oblige her? But neither of them expected his younger brother to walk in on them, and want to join the party! ~ Book 1 of “Babysitter’s Pact” ~~~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~“…but I’m just sure he knew we were watching him have sex with Paula, Randi! Didn’t you see the way he looked over his shoulder and grinned at us?”Clara’s excited voice echoed all the way from the Wallace’s big living room out into their darkened entryway. Josh, who’d just stalked in from the pounding thunderstorm, stopped short and blinked in surprise. He’d known his folks were gone for the evening, and Clara was supposed to be babysitting his mischievous baby brother…but she’d never invited a friend to the house before. Who was she talking to?“I know, right? And the sounds they made! It was totally awesome!”Very carefully he closed the door behind him, and listened more intently.“I was so horny when they finally…you know. The way he stiffened, and started thrusting even faster…” What the hell?“And then when he pulled it out, and she took it in her mouth! Do you think it really tastes good?”What the double hell!“Well, I’m not sure I could do it. Or the other thing, when he pushed it into her the kinky way…well, yeah, I know, and she did seem to like it a lot. But seriously, Randi, who does that kind of thing?”Oh yeah, that was Clara, all right. He recognized that delighted giggle!But the sultry moan that followed it was totally unexpected…as unexpected as the provocative phone conversation he was overhearing. Despite the fact that he was six years older than her, he felt a hot shiver of excitement rocket through his hardening shaft.“Okay, yeah…if he was cute, and really wanted it, I’d let him try it just once. Aw, man, Randi, it’s just not fair! He’s so hot! I’d give anything if he could be my first. I know he’d make it really, really good…yeah, even better than what we did last night.”Her second giggle made Josh’s shaft jolt up so fast that he nearly groaned. He had to be hallucinating, because there was absolutely no way he’d just heard shy, innocent little Clara admit she’d had sex with another girl!“Honestly, I never had any idea it could feel so good! But I’m glad you didn’t push your fingers all the way inside me. I want to do it ‘the right way.’ I wonder if it really does hurt the way my mother said, or if she was just trying to scare me so I’d wait. But I don’t want to wait any longer, Randi! I want to be the first of us to ‘do it.’ Only I don’t have a boyfriend, so I know I won’t be!”Another low moan made Josh’s blood boil with rising excitement. He’d thought his entire evening was wasted when Bonnie had stood him up. But here was pretty Clara, the quintessential ‘little girl next door,’ waiting for him in his own living room!His younger brother would be gone until nearly midnight, and his folks probably wouldn’t get back until two a.m. He’d hated being forced to move back home when he’d lost his job due to economic downsizing…but he’d been raised to look for silver linings. If an eager, panting virgin on his living room couch wasn’t a silver lining, he didn’t know what was!Who needed Bonnie, anyway? She was a frustrating little tease, always promising more than she was willing to give out. He’d bet any amount of money Clara would be as honest and giving in bed as she was out of it!And anyway, absolutely nothing was as exciting as popping a pretty girl’s sweet virgin cherry!

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    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001047684145
    • ISBN:  9781310414978
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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