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Lawrence Voss is a criminal like no other Detective Kiera Dent has ever dealt with in her young and yet seasoned career with the police force. She knows that sharply vivid memories of his depraved crimes will forever live on in the back of her mind, but the last fear she has when stepping into his holding cell to interview the man is where the front of her mind will soon be focused. Clearly insane, Lawrence Voss is not the sort of insane whose ramblings make no sense, whose personality seems permanently disabled. He's cool, calm, and oddly relaxed, trapped within a barred cell surrounded by the strongest bulletproof lucite. There is no escape for him, and yet Voss carries a demeanor as though everything is going perfectly according to his plans. Kiera knows that Lawrence Voss is a man who must answer for his crimes, her lead of the manhunt for him perhaps the biggest of her acclaimed career in law enforcement. She's always been fierce but even her determination and strength pales a little under the oddly blue eyed gaze of such a criminal. As the interview gets started, Voss is immediately pushing buttons, particularly when it comes to her partner Carl, whose hot temper seems to amuse the criminally calm man in the holding cell. Kiera plays up to the criminal whims of the depraved man, taking charge and leading the interview to hopefully get to the bottom of perhaps the most bizarre series of crimes ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public. When questioned about the high school senior, the innocent and upbeat girl Lawrence Voss had a conversation with, only to send her off into her final class of the day with much more than studying on her mind,he simply chuckles and calls it a whim he had upon seeing her. His whims however and by some bizarre twist a very brief conversation with the girl sent her back into class demanding to be fucked, demanding to be used and abused by everyone in the class, including her teacher. Between questions, Voss makes little requests of Kiera, halfhearted efforts at getting to her, at making her just the latest in his criminal whims, but Kiera has dealt with the worst and she is far stronger than her lovely face and exterior may indicate. Her partner Carl though is barely maintaining the hold needed not to rip through the impenetrable cell and beat the shit out of Voss. The man is sick and twisted on a level even sick and twisted isn't accurate enough to describe. Kiera isn't getting far, but then she never thought she would with a criminal like Voss. The man speaks clearly, calmly, and yet his words are insane, his actions depraved, and the only pattern she is seeing to his crimes are his perverted whims. Every subtle request, every push of Voss in showing Kiera for the sexy young woman she actually is, it's all affecting those around her and while Lawrence Voss might be locked up, her partner Carl isn't and neither are the detectives and policemen watching from behind the mirror glass nearby. Will Kiera close the book on the worst series of crimes the city has ever seen, find a logic behind the apparent chaotic and random criminal whims of Lawrence Voss, or will she discover that all of those whims lead straight to her, and she is about to be the centerpiece in a final act of true depravity and perversion? Find out in the latest tale of crime and punishment, where every whim is a crime and getting to the bottom of them might just mean one promising detective gets a punishment most perverted.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000994315249
    • ISBN:  9781310556418
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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