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Let me tell you the story of a beautiful young man, with golden hair and honey-cream skin, running through the lifeless, stifling and acrid landscape of Hell. There are three ugly demons chasing him, and he’s got myriad cuts, bruises and scrapes all over ever inch of his totally naked body.He’s got no idea where he is, or how he got there, not even who he is. When in a sudden, breathless moment an angel descends to hover over the parched ground a few feet ahead of him. It is Lucifer, the Lord of Hell, and the most gorgeous, most powerful angel ever, so much so that even being cast out of Heaven couldnt dim his light.Black shiny wings rise over curly black hair and a pale marble statue-like body, like that of the warrior he was and still is. He doesnt know this beautiful stranger either, but he knows he must have him. His multicolored, crystalline eyes flash and flicker, as he swoops down and picks up the fleeing young man, lifting him into the sullen red sky.

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