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Fourteen tales of women who love women await you within the pages of Her Sigh. Meet Alindra, a woman fleeing a deadly revolution in Evermore. A young reporter seeks to buy love with money in Red Shoes. A ghost of love long lost haunts Vasira in Memories In The Mist. Sophie is a woman with a tragic secret in the war-torn world of Sophie’s Song. In The Price Of Love, Alicia trades love for marriage and risks losing her childhood friend Yumi forever. Princess Talia must choose between her birthright and her lover in Talia’s Choice. In dystopian tale Expiration Date, Amy and Esther learn that raising a child with a limited life span can bring a couple closer together or drive them apart. Freya must Hope Against Hope if she’s to keep her and Aerie’s dream of a Mars colony alive. A trans woman and a lipstick lesbian find companionship and solace in The Antidote, while a woman dreams of her first encounter in Rainy Sunday. Memories are precious… except when they may doom an entire planet, as Alisha learns in Memoria. In Sickness And In Health… Lena and Raine learn the true meaning of those words when a plague strikes their humble village. Arienne must learn to sing the Songs Of Life and Death if she is to fight for something she truly believes in and not someone else’s war. All worlds must come to The End, and digital ones are no exception, as Athea and Ellyne discover.

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