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JohnKoomson, Ghanaian astrophysicist and employee of the Ghana Atomic EnergyAgency irks his boss by refusing to be at the Harvard-SmithsonianCentre for Astrophysics for a training program.The reason for his refusal is equally important! He has a meeting he isnot only willingly to fight for but also to die for! Well, that isexactly what happens! Koomson dies at the hand of an irate homophobicmob while his partner, Casey Quayson is raped by police women eager tocure him of his homosexuality!Koomson exits the earthly realm for the ethereal only to come face toface with an Angel. Afrikina the angel is on a mission to take himbeyond the Galaxies. She escorts him to Heaven where he meets with theperson called the Lamb; it turns out it was not a sheep after all!Meanwhile on Earth, Quayson is determined to ensure that the murderingmob and the raping police women face the full rigour of the Law.The only hitch is that where Quayson was raped, disorder is the orderand chaos the status quo! The military regime in Ghana is determined toplease the citizens who are largely homophobic.The attendant military decrees now featuring as Ghanaian Law not onlyprohibit Homosexual lifestyle, relationships and practices associatedwith it but criminalizes them.Quayson determined to win the war, arrives in South Africa, afterleaving Koomson’s body at the morgue for burial after the Gay PrideConference in Johannesburg. She is in her middle income paternal homecountry to forensically verify the evidence gathered in her low incomematernal home country.What follows are two parallel battles taking place in Heaven and Earthover the subject of homosexuality. Who will win these battles, the campof the Accuser, the GLBT community, or the camp of the Advocate?As the story unfolds, casualties emerge on both sides but in the end,truth refuses to be one of the casualties and prevails. That is exactlythe problem! The truth that prevails and sets everyone free is not whatmany on earth would like to hear.Discover this truth by reading the Homosexuals Have Come To Heavenseries. In this compelling saga on homosexuality and its epic struggle,culture, Law, science fiction, paranormal phenomena, spirituality,sexuality and Theology engage in an arena laced with hypocrisy,controversy and conviction.Will Homosexuality win at the end? That question is what the seven booksin the series seek answers to.

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