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“You know what I need to piss” I say and start walking towards the rest rooms. I feel frustrated. I walk to the bathroom and see him standing in the kitchen. He was laughing with some of the other staff. I see those eyes as they meet mine. I feel my heart skip a beat. Oh God they were so beautiful. He looks at me and smiles. He comes walking towards the kitchen door and I’m lost again. “Are you looking for something?” He asks and I try to gather the correct words. “Uhm… I was… Just on my way to the toilet” I say and point to the door. “Okay…” He says and smiles. “I’m James… James King” He says and puts out his hand to me. I automatically take it and forget my name. “I’m… I’m…” I say and he smiles again “Annabelle Spencer… I know… We have English together” He says and I frown. I haven’t seen him in English. Well I have to be honest I don’t even know half of the people in my class or my Res… Just don’t care really but he knew me. Yo King… You’re up. I hear a voice shouting to him from inside the kitchen and he looks over his shoulder. “I’ve got to go… See you around Annabelle” Oh God… He knew me. I thought people didn’t notice me well people beside my friends and family. I thought that because everyone was invisible to me I must be invisible to them too. I wipe myself and feel something tingle. Strange really and a chill runs down my spine. Suddenly it throbs hard and I stand still. It has done that before but mostly around my period but I wasn’t on my period; not even close. I walk out of the toilet stall and look at myself in the mirror. My dad was white and had blue eyes… Why didn’t I get his blue eyes like James got his? James. James King. Why does his name sound so familiar? Oh no! No no nO… He was jock… A rugby buffoon! His friends with Summer’s boyfriend Peter and they were disgusting. I shake my head and shudder. I walk out of the bathroom and see him again busy in the kitchen… Hands full of flour smiling and laughing. He didn’t look disgusting or gross I think as I watch him for a second. But you are what you hang with I tell myself as I get back to the table. I sigh and when I’m back at our table and see them looking at me impatiently. “What did you take a shit or something” Garett asks and I look at him frowning. “Really Garett… Over the food… that type of language” Nicole says and I laugh feeling nervous. As we were leaving and I glance back to kitchen but I don’t see him again thinking about the name.James King.”Annabelle Spencer had her life figured out, she was smart a genius in fact and she wanted to remain the best for as all long as she could. Love and sex never crossed her mind and she made sure that lust didn’t distract her from her goals at all. Even though for most of her life the outside world and the people in it was invisible to her she soon realise that she wasn’t at all invisible to the world and that people were always looking at her watching her and without her even knowing became to some an Idol for their sick and twisted obsession.When love does however coming knocking will she stay the stone cold Ice Princess as everyone knows her or would she finally allow love to move into her heart? But will this love that she for so long ignored and avoided fulfil her or would it ultimately destroy her?It’s easy to loving Annabelle but will Annabelle love in return?

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001027945082
    • ISBN:  9780620713900
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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