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Kody Ramsy is a typical homophobic bully whose 24 years of life have been spent utilizing his fists instead of his mind. Hating gays is a hobby, a passion and a lifestyle, and his anger and blatant homophobia has gotten him to where he is today: nowhere. All that changes one day when he meets up with a man whose power is greater than his own - and the man is gay. That is when things begin to change for Kody whose eyes slowly begin to open, much to his dismay. Shortly after that, he leaves his job in a department store stockroom for a high-paid security position with a wealthy old man (who is also gay) and through a series of mind-expanding experiences Kodys metamorphosis begins. He is soon to discover some hidden gay tendencies within himself, and thus begins his journey to finding and accepting his true self. Kody is surprised to see that being gay is not as bad as he thought it would be. In fact, it is quite nice.

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