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Five Erotic Shorts: Wife Swap, First Lesbian Sex, Double Penetration, and More! When the authors at Naughty Daydreams Press sit down to write, they don’t pull any punches! In this red hot collection, you’ll find stranger sex, teacher student sex, lesbian sex, and more! Hot wives hear their husband’s say, “bang my wife!” and there’s even a scorching double penetration. It’s hot and heavy hardcore sex, and it’s out of control! THE LESBIAN SEX FOURSOME: Julie's First Lesbian Group Sex Experience (First Lesbian Sex Experiences) by Nancy Brockton Julie and her friend Sonia are almost polar opposites, and nothing illustrates it more than when they go out. This time, they end up at a popular nightclub, and Julie is unaware that the two girls they meet there will introduce her to her first lesbian sex. The four of them end up at her apartment, though, and before she knows it, Julie is caught up in a reluctant lesbian sex foursome that doesn’t stay reluctant for long at all! HOT WIVES PLAY STRIP POKER (First Time Swingers - Episode Eight) (Wife Swap Chronicles) by Cindy Jameson Two hot wives and their husbands decide to play strip poker one Friday night. The slutty housewives both want to have sex with their husband's friend and what better way to get some wife swap action started than to get naked together. This strip poker game will get the neighbors better acquainted than they ever dreamed of. FUCKED BY THE PROFESSOR (My Wife’s Secret Desires Episode No. 2) by Jane Kemp Just last night, Max fulfilled one of Korrine’s fantasies by tying her down and letting his best friend dominate her. She’s only had a day to recover, and he’s already working his way down the list! This time, he instructs her to wear a school girl uniform, and Korrine feels wonderfully slutty. She’s about to feel a lot more because this school girl has been naughty, and the professor is going to pull out the switch and spank her until her ass is red! That’s not it, though. This slut wife is going to have her very first anal sex experience, and a student can’t say no to a teacher! TAKEN ON THE HIGHWAY: Double Penetration by the Boys in Blue (Taken Again) by Jane Kemp Gaby is late for a shift, and nobody wants to be pulled over at three in the morning when it’s dark and empty out on the highway. When two cops make it clear they’re less interested in her driver’s license than her ass, things get even scarier. Before the night is through, she’ll have two guys at once! She may not be able to get to her shift on time, but she’ll certainly get all of the attention these two men can offer! GOING DOWN? (A Sex With Stranger erotica story) by Cindy Jameson Samantha is having a horrible day. She snags her stockings at work and then, right outside of her apartment she slips and needs to change all of her clothes. Her husband is at work, so she can’t even complain about it! To top it all off, the handsome Henry helps her up only to get stuck in an elevator with her. Her luck is about to change, though, because Samantha can be very resourceful when up against a wall…and elevator wall. Warning: This ebook contains graphic depictions of various sexual encounters and activities including sex with strangers, lesbian sex, sex with multiple partners, group sex, reluctant sex, wife share sex, lesbian group sex, wife swap sex, sex with neighbors, oral sex, deep throat, double penetration, double team, spanking, sex with teacher, first anal sex, and rough sex. It is intended for mature readers who won’t be offended by explicit descriptions of sexual activity between consenting adults.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000965616344
    • ISBN:  9781310060250
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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