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Have you ever wanted a collection of absolutely delicious and carnal tales? Stories  that tell of women, brimming with cream that wouldn’t stop flowing, and men who were more than willing to get hands-on to drain out every last drop? Then look no further! Overflowing with Delight contains three stories that chronicle sensual young women coming to terms with their new-found need to have the swelling pressure in their curvaceous assets relieved, and partners who were more than willing to satisfy that urge until there was nothing left. There’s even a bonus story included inside! Get 4 stories for the price of 3! Tags: lactation erotica, milking erotica, impregnation erotica, adult nursing erotica, urban erotica, breeding erotica, pregnancy erotica, cougar erotica Contains the following stories: Coaxing Her to Cream: The graciously-endowed Lynn Burwell has come home after helping her cousin adjust to life as a new mother, and she wanted nothing more than to greet her boyfriend as a good girlfriend should. She even had a surprise inside of her curvaceous assets, a creamy, white, delicious surprise that he was sure to love! But to his horror, she would run dry soon if nothing was done. So he decided to make sure that she kept her cream flowing by making her belly swell with new life! Drained to the Last Drop: When the curvaceously-endowed Ava Cassel found herself strapped for cash, she turned to a delicious and creamy way to make extra money. All she had to do was put her best assets to use, and watch the cash flow as easily the cream did. But there was a catch of her money-making scheme: Her libido grew in leaps and bounds, leaving her hungry for more than cash! Fortunately, the guy next door was more than eager to satisfy Ava's urges, as he had long ago. What she doesn't know is that he had a plan to ensure that that her cream continued to flow and soon her belly would be as swollen as her bank account! Milked at the Dairy Farm: Charlotte Kleist was a nineteen year old farm girl with a fondness for lactation cookies. Living and working on a Dairy Farm with her overprotective father and mother, she was forbidden to be near any other men. Her desires grew with every passing day, and with only the cows to keep her company she thought she would go mad. That was when he appeared. The Dairy Inspector came to visit their humble little farm while her parents were away, and she was more than willing to show him that the cows weren’t the only ones who were giving out some quality milk…. Swiss Lodge Tryst: A snowstorm ruins the vacation of a college graduate in the Swiss mountains, leaving him trapped in the lodge there with nothing to do and struggling to get to sleep. Going down to the bar to get drunk until he passes out, he meets Elise, a barmaid working the late hours who just so happens to have a much better way of helping him work out all that restless energy of his. Sure, she’s a few months pregnant, but that just made it all the more interesting…

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2015
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000874013647
    • ISBN:  1230000309117
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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