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Even if the noise had been anything resembling real music, I knew there was no rehearsal scheduled. I was thus both alarmed and ill at ease, thinking of prowlers or vandals as I grabbed up a heavy bass drumstick that was the only thing in my office resembling a weapon. I paced my way quietly to the door of the rehearsal room, whose narrow window offered me a view of whatever was going on inside. Then I stopped and stared. • • • In the aftermath of the breakup of his loveless marriage, a bookish college music teacher sees his options for happiness rapidly disappear. But when he becomes an unwitting voyeur of the sexual symphony being conducted within his department by the wife of the dean, he finds himself caught up in a song of sensuality he thought he’d never have a chance to write. This 6,000-word erotic ebook single is an explicit and graphically detailed story of romance and sexuality, exploring consensual adult-student–teacher sex, voyeurism, group sex, and female bisexuality. It is intended for adults only. EXCERPT (SFW) I worked late the next night. And the next, and all the week after. Then when nothing happened on any of those nights, I began to come in early in the morning as well, listening like a furtive deviant as I unlocked the door and snuck to my office. On a Tuesday of the second week, I was given cause to spill the tea I had just prepared at my electric kettle by a flute sounding out from the rehearsal room next door. I recognized the strains of Bach's Partita in A minor as I snuck up extra-carefully, uncertain whether it was a worse offense to hope for another chance to engage in dark voyeurism or to interrupt an actual practice. What I got was a shocking bit of both. It was Janine Madov playing, the fourth-year class's first flute. A shy blonde virtuoso, she had learned her instrument from her grandfather, who had been second chair for the Vienna Philharmonic for nearly twenty years. Her playing was impeccable, the bourrée Anglais soaring with an energy that tugged at my heart. But of more immediate focus was the fact that Janine was playing naked, upright at the edge of her chair and legs spread where Samantha feasted on her... (For a NSFW excerpt, please download the free sample -- and enjoy.) What readers are saying about MUSE OF SHADOW: "It is so wonderful to read erotica that makes use of the sensual side of our brain as well as engaging the carnal side too..." "Wonderful character development and interaction... one of the most enjoyable erotic reads I have had this year..." "This book is sexy, kinky and just a little funny to keep things in motion..." "Detailed, dynamic, and interesting..." "Wonderfully sensual..." "Sexually tantalizing on virtually every page..." MUSE OF SHADOW is a producer and purveyor of no-holds-barred erotic literature -- couple-friendly and written for people who believe that the imagination is the most important component of human sexuality. Our books are written to provide a workout for those most sensual muscles of the mind. Sean Gerard Leah (though he more often works under a cleverly similar name) is a Boston-born, Seattle-based novelist, poet, journalist, and editor. With his wife Caelyn Alba, he is a founding partner of the erotic-lit publishing house Muse of Shadow. Caelyn Alba is a pseudonym responsible for the writing of erotic fiction and memoirs, much of it in conjunction with husband Sean Gerard Leah. In real life (when she can figure out what that is), she teaches humanities in the Pacific Northwest.

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    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000941622130
    • ISBN:  9781476228839
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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