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Four Hot Alphas who Take Whatever They Want. This collection contains: Mile High Club: Sex on the Private Jet When reporter Jessica Lane lands an interview with handsome billionaire Sam Ellmann she knows she's in for the story of a lifetime. And when she finds out that the meeting is scheduled to take place onboard his private jet en-route from New York to London she can't imagine how it could get any better. But when she finally meets the handsome mogul, things really heat up. Because Jessica is completely enamored with the sexy billionaire - and now writing an article for the magazine is the last thing on her mind. Hot Tycoon: Bedding the Oil Magnate's Son Hotshot lawyer Clara Silverman is involved in the case of a lifetime, representing a small town in its fight against a cruel oil baron and his company. So when Clara gets a message instructing her to meet a mysterious stranger at one of the company's refineries she knows that the benefits far outweigh the possible risks. But when she sneaks into the compound Clara's source is nowhere to be found and now she has to think fast, because the security guards are armed and ordered to shoot on sight. And when she finally does find the leak, it turns out to be the last person Clara ever expected - and he has so much more for her than just secrets as he waits to meet her in the hot desert night. Ad Men: Seducing the Heiress on the Skyscraper Roof Life was a little different in the nineteen sixties and nowhere more so than Madison Avenue, New York, where the advertising executives drink hard, smoke constantly and attempt to sleep with every woman they lay eyes on. But one man stands out for a different reason. Mysterious, gifted and irresistibly handsome, Jon Sugar commands respect from all walks of life. So why is it that nobody seems to know anything about his past, or how he came to assume his position as the most sought after executive on Madison Avenue? The firm gets into trouble when Tommy Harlan, one of the joint partners, makes a derogatory comment during a meeting with the beautiful heiress in charge of a new contract and she decides to pull out. Now Jon's going to have to use all of his charms to seduce her back to the company and show her that Harlan Fisher Advertising Agency really are the firm of the future - by whatever means necessary. Yes Mister President! Orgasm in the Oval Office As a lifelong political junkie, Sandra Blake has the best job in the world - working at the White House with the President's own inner circle of top staffers. But when she speaks out during a meeting and incurs the wrath of her immediate superiors Sandra thinks she may have put her very dreams in peril. Until the President himself summons her to the Oval Office for a private word, that is. Because the President is more than impressed with Sandra's initiative and now he has a proposition for her: that she come work for him as his own personal aide. But the perks are wilder than anything Sandra could have imagined - wilder and so much hotter. Warning this collection contains scenes of an explicit sexual nature, including oral, anal and light BDSM, and is therefore strictly for adults only!

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2012
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2000959902286
    • ISBN:  9781476359816
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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