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When the new dragon of the valley demands a virgin, they send him the girl with a crippled hand. Anna doesnt know what hes going to do with her, but shes determined to go along quietly. Little does she suspect, hes seeking a woman to bear his children.Warning: Very adult.Over 18 years of age only. Contains double-penetration kink, sex with dragon.Excerpt:The dragons den was not dark and smelly, the way it had been when Anna had entered the mouth of the caves. Instead, this far into the caverns it was rather homey. Candelabaras illuminated the sweeping heights of the ceiling, turning the small stream into a charming water feature. Great globs of wax formed beneath the candles, indicating the dragon was in the habit of keeping his home well-lit at all hours of the day. The scent of roast lamb and bread wafted on the air, making her stomach gurgle.Anna Derrida felt small as a nervous mouse sneaking through the den, even though she was expected. Heavy beads decorated her dress, its low cut nearly exposing the dusky hue of a nipple. A coil of smoke traced over her clavicle.A rustle in the den beyond sent Annas heart pulsing loudly in her ears. Breathing out slowly, she stepped forward."Hello?" she called.Nothing responded at first. Her mouth went dry, but she knew that should she leave, someone else would come here in her place. Shed be shunned, her future more uncertain than that which awaited her in the dragons den. Nor could she show signs of distress. If a maiden cried, the dragon would send her away, and that shame was unbearable."Welcome," said a warm voice. "Do not be shy. You are early."Anna swallowed at the sound of him: rough and darkly musical. She followed the words to a cozy living area. Rich tapestries decorated the stone walls carved out by smooth talons, plush rugs covered the floor, a grand set of tables and padded chairs arranged around a fire place in the far wall. In the distant chambers beyond, Anna glimpsed the heavy drapes surrounding a four-poster bed. This was the first time the new dragon had called for a sacrifice.What Anna knew of him was little. She knew that the last dragon had been a grouchy outcast, rust-orange in color, and that he had been fond of taking fatted calves instead of lambs. She knew the last dragon liked to taunt girls with riddles. She knew the last dragon had a soft spot for pearls and glass suncatchers.Of this new dragon, Anna only knew that he fought fiercely and well. Hed killed or chased off his predecessor, and travellers had reported seeing this green dragon combat three other youths. She knew he liked mutton, or at least that he took mainly the older ewes from the field. She also knew that he had bargained heavily with the last group of merchants who wandered through his pass.Up until recently, he hadnt been interested in dealing with the humans in his territory. Three days ago, he had sent a finely-printed letter requesting a maiden with wit, bravery, and a willingness to live in solitude. Or else.He hadnt specified a threat, but the townspeople did a wonderful job of elaborating on all the possibilities of what he could mean.And thus it was, Anna had stepped forward. Shed seemed the best suited for the task.So now, knowing what little she did about the dragon, she was utterly captivated by her first sight of him.As warned about in the sermons, he could have passed as a man in this form. His nails were long and curved, true, but his eyes were a billiant flecked amber. Everything else about him seemed very human. He sat in an oaken armchair, the red in his pale hair glinting in the firelight. A book was in his lap, a long-handled watchmans pipe in his free hand. The air faintly carried the sweet scent of his smokeweed."I am Vaneth, Protector of the Treasured Valley."

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    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001026628832
    • ISBN:  9781310156878
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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