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Tania Bashara is a beautiful, blonde MI5 agent, of mixed nationality, a Lebanese father and English mother. She’s sent on a mission to Iraq, posing as a British journalist, with task of finding an American who has betrayed his country. She ends up in jail with the American, where she too is held captive by ruthless men intent on using the comely female for their own pleasure. The man in charge, Colonel Darwish eyes her with interest, looking forward to the reward he’s been promised before passing her on to be sold. When Tania experiences her first rough session of lashing and sex from a horny Sergeant and the Colonel, she finds that, as painful and humiliating as the scene becomes, she’s clearly aroused. Once Tania is taken to the Colonel’s villa, she befriends Saadia, a mute sex slave, and Ludmilla, a captured Russian photographer. The three girls are trained as sex slaves a fate that seems impossible to escape. Caught in a web of deceit and intrigue, Tania is soon sold as a submissive plaything to one of the biggest and most powerful slave traders in the Eastern European. Although she suffers greatly at the hands of many terrifying men, Tania continues to find a strangely twisted pleasure in her subjugation and abuse. Is there any hope that she can escape this terrible fate? Sure to be another bestseller from Denise la Croix. Tania’s Betrayal is an erotic, interracial, cleverly woven adventure story, with vivid descriptions and characters that come to life. This page-turning novel includes, mystery, intrigue, along with a wide array of BDSM sex acts. For readers who enjoy raunchy hardcore action, but definitely not for the faint of heart.

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