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Libidinous yearnings too long deferred ache for fulfillment in this compendium of adventurous erotic tales. In 'Taker,' Kaia's serial quest to deflower young men brings her perilously close to addiction as she finds a willing victim who will not go quietly from her wild imagination. 'A Quick One' brings two strangers together at the irresistable behest of their bodies, if only for a beautiful, breathless moment. Ellie loves Drew, but also wants Hal. Boundaries are tested as she dares to explore 'Both Sides Now.' Lust can be primal, and those who give in to its animal call may feel the heat of the 'Heiress Rising.' Professor Adam Howell has a problem. One that is barely 18, and fixated on him. Only a mutual friend can help them avoid temptation, 'In Your Eyes.' Power and sex commingle luridly in a young woman's diary, as she researches 'The Elements of Style.' Wealthy recluse Maggie Fontaine gets what she pays for down below. But one of her purchases goes beyond the call in 'Full Service.' Blythe didn't know she liked being 'Watched.' But now that she does, how far will she go to get her fix? Admin drone Jaron's world is shattered by the advances of a high-powered attorney with designs of maddening intensity and contradiction. He will require all his strength to answer 'The Daily Mail.' In 'I See What You Did There,' a young man's dreams threaten to come true on an exceptional night with an unattainable crush.

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