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Nineteen-year-old Alana hates her life on her uncle’s merchant spaceship, and she is used to his lack of concern for her happiness, but she is nonetheless quite shocked when he agrees to offer her as a gift to Galath, a powerful alien commander who plans to make her his pet.   Moments after she is brought aboard Galath’s ship, Alana is ordered to disrobe completely. From now on, she will wear nothing but a leash and collar, so that her beautiful body will be available for her owner’s enjoyment any time he pleases. Galath makes clear that he will expect absolute submission from his pet, and disobedience will earn her a painful, humiliating spanking.   To Alana’s surprise, Galath’s stern discipline arouses her intensely, and soon she is quivering with desire as she is brought to a blushing climax by her handsome master. Over the coming days she is taught what it means to surrender fully to a dominant man, but when the time comes for her to be publicly claimed in the most shameful way possible, will she be ready?   Publisher’s Note: The Commander’s Pet includes spankings, sexual scenes, pet play, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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