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Summary: Amelia was often lauded as the most beautiful girl in her village, lusted after by the young and virile men who worked the farmlands. That beauty soon becomes a curse when she is left to burn at the stake for refusing the advances of the local Duke. All hope seems lost when a strong, dark, powerful dragon appears and lays claim to her before whisking her away. However, the dragon’s price for her rescue had to be repaid. His kind could only sire children with women such as Amelia, and he had every intention of ensuring she became pregnant with his child. The only question was how long until she fell prey to the lustful desires that she didn’t even know she had while within his grasp? The first-entry in the Black Dragon’s Captive series. Tags: Shifter Erotica, Dragon Shifter, Breeding Erotica, Pregnant Erotica, Monster Erotica, Fantasy Erotica, Impregnation Erotica Price: 2.99  Word Count: 4869 Excerpt: “Ah!?” She couldn’t help but let out a small cry as he grasped them firmly. It felt painful at first, his hands rough as they moved them around and molded the shape of her breasts under the pressure. But that feeling slowly bled into a warm and pleasant sensation that left a hitch in her throat. A rumble bubbled up in his throat at her reaction, a primal sort of delight that urged him to toy with them until her nipples became hard points under his touch. He lowered his mouth towards one and then extended his tongue, lapping at the sensitive point. “Ooooh!” Amelia moaned, her back arched involuntarily as his touch sent a jolt running through her entire body. The dragon grew more aroused at the sound of her voice, his cock gaining girth and length as his head drifted lower. A trail of saliva marked the path of his tongue as it slid over her smooth skin, going over her stomach. He eventually made his way between her legs, nose buried against the heated pit as he breathed in her womanly scent. “You smell tantalizing.” Amelia struggled to deny it while the feeling of his warm breath as he drew in her scent left her mind swimming with every exhale. Anticipation bubbled in her blood at the thought of his tongue, which left her body lightly brimming with carnal heat, making contact there. Unable to contain it, she pushed her hips forward to wordlessly urge him to continue. Instead, he held her legs in place and watched the slit thrum with a ravenous eagerness that betrayed her un-sullied nature. It was the most attractive thing in the world to him, and it was the last thing that he needed to reach the point where he was no longer able to restrain himself. Rising to his knees, he bent her legs back to expose her, pressed the broad head of the shaft against the entrance, and then thrust it forward to drive his cock into her in a single stroke. A scream was torn from Amelia’s mouth the moment that he plunged into where no other man had been before. In contrast to the jolt from his tongue, this felt like lightning had stricken her—a bolt from the skies hitting her without reservation or mercy, causing an ecstasy to fill her blood and run along her spine. Her mouth moved, but no words would follow as waves of pleasure washed over her and left her moaning.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2017
    • Ano:  2017
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001114216590
    • ISBN:  1230001800739
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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