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Nineteen year old Jeff gets drunk after a party and his car damages some property. When a sultry woman comes out to see the damage and takes Jeff in his talk with her isn't exactly what he thought it would be, especially after she spanked him for his misbehavior: I looked back and saw she was directly behind me. She walked up close to me and I felt her hand started caressing my left butt cheek and then my right one. "Hmmm looks like you did get a good spanking didn't you Jeff?" I was really feeling embarrassed, and my bottom was really tender. I flinched at her touch. "Yes Ma'am. It really hurt." "Shows you what happens when you are a naughty boy doesn't it?" "Yes Ma'am." I was really blushing as a grown woman was talking to me like this while I stood before her totally naked. However, I also knew that I was naked in a woman's bedroom after she had told me to be there, and I was hoping it meant that I would get the chance to learn what pleasures she could offer. She told me to stand still as her hands began to explore my body and I was thinking that it was supposed to be different because I was expected to make the advances. I was thinking I should be the one to initiate things, but her hands were so soft and almost magical that all I wanted to do is savor the sensation. My body shivered as I felt myself getting hard again. As her right hand began to caress my left and then right inner thighs, I felt goose bumps forming on my body and I instinctively spread my legs further apart to accommodate her and she softly praised me as I did. Her voice was soft and sultry as she began to praise the way I looked and she graphically described the firmness of my body and the wonderful tone of my muscles and each feature she discovered. It was as if she was worshiping my body and I relished the experience. It felt good to have a woman praising me like this and as she did her hands were continuing to examine me all over and she walked in front of me and began to massage my stomach and chest and kneading those areas and asking me how I took care of myself and whether I exercised. I responded that I didn't really exercise but that I worked very hard. I felt like every inch of my body was craving to feel her touch as the tingling and excitement grew, even though it had been at first embarrassing. Finally she reached down and lightly touched my growing cock and I felt her feathery touch on my balls and it made me groan. "You have such a luscious delectable young body. Do you want to use it to please me Jeff?" I shuddered in excitement at the thought and closed my eyes and spread my legs even more apart because all I wanted was to feel more of her. "Yes Ma'am." "I bet there is so much virility and energy stored in that body of yours isn't there?" "Ummm yeah I guess Ma'am." Her hands began to move up my back and rested on the back of my neck. "What is your date of birth, Jeff?" I told her the date, and made sure I said "Ma'am" after the date. "So you just turned nineteen last month?" "Yes Ma'am." "So have you ever been with a woman before, Jeff?" I was embarrassed to answer. “Well...” I couldn't finish the sentence.Her hand took hold of my balls and held them tightly as if threatening to squeeze them harder. “Believe me, I can tell if you have or not. If you lie to me, you will be punished Jeff.” I responded immediately. “No, Ma’am, I haven’t.” I felt absolutely humiliated having to admit that and yet the moment I answered I shivered because her hands had loosened their grip and were now touching my balls gently and roaming along my cock that was getting harder and harder. “A virgin, then?” she said, with a sense of triumph in her voice. "I think it's wonderful that you are because that means you were meant to be only for me, doesn't it Jeff?"

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2014
    • Ano:  2015
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001033477300
    • ISBN:  9781310081439
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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