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Please note: all fictional characters in this work of comedic discipline fiction, including the cat, are over the age of eighteen, which allows them to make fictitious lifestyle choices on their own behalf and also engage in fictitious acts of a personal and intimate nature should they fictitiously choose to do so. No actual persons were harmed during the writing of this story, not even the villains of the piece because you see they don’t actually exist. They are fictional. Please don’t read this work of fiction unless you are aged 18 or over and have the permission of whoever controls the moral compass in your country of residence Thank you. Meet Daniel Macintyre, a happy go lucky, short but beautifully proportioned romantic and intellectual action hero, at least in his own mind. From computer fires to escaped tarantulas Danny seems to causes chaos wherever he goes. He wouldn’t mind so much, but none of it is ever his fault, well, hardly ever! Danny’s partner is the stereotypically tall, dark and handsome Jack Kinross. When it comes to communicating with Danny, Jack relies heavily on sign language executed by hand, though often aided and abetted by a large wooden hairbrush. Warning: contains strong language, highly improbable situations and gratuitous use of puns. For more information about this unique style of fiction visit the author's website. Cat, also known as author Fabian Black, has a unique take on the M/M discipine genre. Her style is wonderfully warm, witty and whacky.

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