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Ash is a poet who lives with two of the sexiest men in London: up and coming artists Bennett and Mac. They are her best friends, her artistic collaborators and are definitely off limits. She could never choose between them and if she gives into her fierce desire for them both, she could loose everything. If she doesn’t, she’s not sure her vibrator will survive her frustration!   Friday night and a potential date stands her up. Ash is forced to confront the very situation she was desperate to avoid, but so desperately craved. The night of amazing passion between her and her flatmates blows all her previous fantasies apart. The reality is so much better.   But what do they want from her? And more importantly, what does she want from them. This is just a one-night stand? Or will Ash have the chance to explore this new, wild side of her sexuality with two of the men she trusts the most?   And what should she do about Simon, the potential date who stood her up that led to the night that changed everything with her flatmates?

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