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Phillip, fed up working for himself in a largely profitable lingerie business gets a job offer too good to turn down. From day one he is treated by all the female bosses as a sex object.At first, he was enjoying his new role as a sales director with lots of sex and a lot of freedom.  Things don’t change until his first week end when the ultimate owner gets her hands on him and wants him trained up as a sex slave to her.That Saturday morning his life changed for good but not in the ways he had planned. An act of God helps him out of his predicament within a few days. Thanks to things happening beyond his control he starts to transform the company working in the fields of BDSM and SM bringing in higher profits.The only problem being that the prospective female mistresses from all over the world had to demonstrate their skills personally or have an on the job demonstration.Eventually he realises he is the one with the ultimate power over those whom are forcing him to undergo all the extreme punishments and begins to turn things to his advantage.   

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