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There’s no how-to manual for love. Especially, if love hits you three times in a row, with three different men, in three different countries. Especially, when your Hollywood mogul father, has a wicked imagination and orchestrates a triple experiment for, what initially appears to be, the sake of his film career. Madeleine Starx has everything a modern socialite could dream of: an unlimited spending limit, a jet setting lifestyle and multiple men at her beck and call. In fact, she’s sure she’s got life all figured out, until suddenly, everything simply disintegrates around her. Seemingly out of nowhere, Gregory Starx begins obsessively controlling his daughter’s life, literally shoving her out of her comfort zone. Suffocating in her father’s tight grasp, Madeleine is forced to face his triple challenge, and embarks on an epic journey of self-discovery that will shake her very core. Synopsis L'Art de Vivre takes place in France and is the first novel in the trilogy. Shocked by her father’s bizarre behavior and feeling like a stowaway, Madeleine begins to inadvertently adjust to her newfound living conditions and discovers the true art of living, along with what love actually feels like. Charming, reliable, romantic, winemaker Didier Durand appears an absolute fantasy; a true gentleman (and French!), an exquisite gourmand, enjoying life to the fullest aboard his houseboat on the Seine. Their love affair unfolds in the midst of springtime Paris, revolving around the cognominal La Madeleine Church, and the fabled corners of Montmartre – the crucial landmarks that will evidence their happiness and unavoidable breakup. La Dolce Vita Prostrated after her breakup, Madeleine discovers that writing is the perfect remedy to ameliorate her pain. As she recounts her love affair with Didier, she eases into the next part of her journey. In Rome, she meets Fabrizio Longi an aspiring fashion designer. Enchanted by her looks, Longi asks her to be his muse and inspiration. The new man in her life is as gorgeous as he is gallant, and Madeleine succumbs to his charms, all the while questioning his sexual orientation. A love triangle involving Fabrizio’s cousin, makes them realize the amplitude of their feelings for one another. Their passion unravels against the backdrop of Italy’s iconic sites like a piece of intricate lace. Fabrizio puts his lover on a pedestal but the timer set in motion by her father is ticking, and Madeline is forced to move along. Life’s a Beach Upon her arrival in Moscow, Madeleine bumps into a guy she never expected to see again, Jeremy Bullet, a musician she’d left out to dry in California after a steamy one-night stand. Much to her surprise, Bullet has a Russian alias, Dmitry Bulavin, and is in town to inherit a posh apartment left by his grandmother, a world famous ballerina. Unable to afford a hotel, Madeleine accepts his sardonic offer to rent her a room in his new property. Living in such close quarters is tough, but after enough sexual tension to give power to a small city, a romance blossoms and then, a marriage proposal! Madeleine has now fulfilled all aspects of her father’s triple challenge, and the wicked game seems to be over, until news from across the pond forces her to pack up, missing her chance of finally saying “I do”.

Detalhes do Produto

    • Ano de Edição: 2016
    • Ano:  2016
    • País de Produção: Canada
    • Código de Barras:  2001033788154
    • ISBN:  9781310915642
    • Faixa Etária:  a partir de 18 anos

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